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About Dumb Love

Dumb Love is a comedy podcast for people who are into true crime but are also suckers for an epic love story. Hosted by Atlanta-based stand-up comedians Jen O’Neill Smith and Sally Brooks, this podcast is about all the dumb things people do for love. They start the episode with quick stories —like the one about a man who says he’s made love to over 1,000 cars or the dumb couple who robbed a bank and then posted about it on Facebook— before launching into the heart of the podcast. Every episode, Jen and Sally share one true crime story with love at its core and one true love story that will restore your faith in humanity. Dumb love with make you laugh, get you fired up and melt your heart- all in one short hour a week. New episodes come out every Monday and are available on all major streaming services.


“No matter how you feel about love—whether you’re a cynic or a hopeless romantic—we’ve got something for you. In the same episode we’ll talk about a woman poisoning her husband for the insurance money and then tell the beautiful story behind the Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex marriage.” says host Sally Brooks. “It’s a little bit of true crime and a whole lot of true love.”

About Us

Dumb Love is a comedy podcast that launched in June, 2019. In that short time, Dumb Love has garnered thousands of downloads each month, a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts, and grown a loyal fan base of Dumb Dumbs (the name the fans voted to call themselves). Between them, hosts Jen O’Neill Smith and Sally Brooks have over 15 years of professional stand-up comedy experience and have appeared on Adult Swim, NBC, Sirius/XM, Audible and at comedy clubs and festivals across the country.



Eleven Atlanta-based podcasts worth checking out (, April 14, 2020)

Fans of the podcast have said:

“Sally and Jen are so fun, open, and honest, and their stories, both personal and published, never disappoint. Listening is like being with friends- connections that are sometimes raw and honest, sometimes hysterical, sometimes unbelievable, but always real.”


“The stories that Jen and Sally share make you laugh, warm your heart, and challenge you to think about the things you love, reflect on the dumb things you do, and inspire you to think lovingly, without being cheesy!”

"It's about dumb, it's about love, it's about dumb love! Sally and Jen are such nice people and they tell heartwarming stories about love. Then they tell stories about horrible people committing crimes. But they do it in such a nice, sweet way. Seriously, this is a fun show - a must listen!"

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Podcast Details

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Download / Subscribe:  The show can be listened to directly from the website, as well as subscribed and listened to on most podcast platforms, like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher. 


Schedule: Episodes are released every Monday at 5:55am EST

Social Media:
Twitter:   @DumbLovePodcast


Podcast Promo:

Here is our trailer in mp3 and video format:

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